Thursday, September 8, 2016

Tattersall Shirts and Moleskins

Mercer & Sons New Tattersall Pattern for 2016: James Bond Favorite Tattersall-Green British Brushed Cotton Flannel <>
For many, autumn is a time to replenish Tattersall Shirts and Moleskin Trousers.

There are a few single-stop locations for Men's and Women's Tattersalls and Moleskins, such as UK's The Mole Hole, in Hereford:
And there are sources that provide a subset.
Mercer & Sons - Made in the US

Tattersall Shirts

Some Men's Tattersall Shirt (non-wrinkle-resistant) providers are:
  • Barbour Tattersall

Mercer & Sons Tattersalls:  Lambton 80% Cotton, 20% Wool on Top;(old) James Bond Brushed Cotton Flannel <>
Some Women's Tattersall Shirt (non-wrinkle-resistant) providers are:

Moleskin Trousers

Some Made in US and Made in England Sources of Men's Moleskin Trousers:
Some Made in US and Made in England Sources of Women's Moleskin Trousers:

100% cotton moleskin is one of the toughest fabrics, warm and wind breaking.  

Bought from Orvis in the 1970's, these "ratcatchers" are showing some slight signs of wear.

Mercer is a sponsor of Salt Water New England.