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Sunday, October 6, 2019

Tattersall Shirts

Mercer Shirt, James Bond Tattersall <> - Photos by Salt Water New England
For many, autumn is a time to replenish Tattersall Shirts and Moleskin Trousers.

Tattersall Shirts

Outside town, only one fabric is suitable for the countryside.  This was invented in 1890 by Henry Ernest Hollins, a Derbyshire mill owner... named after the patterned horse blankets used in Richard Tattersall's famous market.  
- Paul Keers <,>, A Gentleman's Wardrobe
Some Men's Tattersall Shirt (non-wrinkle-resistant) providers are:

  • Barbour Tattersall (See House of Bruar)
  • A Hume (Outfitters) <>

My school colors are black and orange but last year, I was able to find a navy blue "hoodie" with white and orange felt letters. I will enjoy the navy, and endure the orange. My mum suggested a navy/orange tattersall but I have yet to find one. If anyone sees one, for men or women, please let me know! Thank you.  (Comment)
Breaking out my tattersall shirts towards the end of August. The nights are already getting cooler, ski conditioning classes begin in Sept, knowing that soon it will be fall, the students will be back and football begins - my favorite time of year. (Pete) 

I get mine from Harvie & Hudson. Their shirts can be found at their Jermyn Street, London shop or on the World Wide Web. They call their tattersalls "country check". Harvie & Hudson have been in business since 1949, a relative newcomer for Jermyn Street clothing firms, but the quality is excellent and a more affordable option compared to custom shirtmakers. (Comment)
When my daughter was very young, she once asked me, "Daddy, why do all of your shirts have squares on them?"(Cranky Yankee)
Mercer makes great shirts. I have also been very happy with the shirts from JC Cordings, originator of the Tattersall, from the UK. Their store in Piccadilly is terrific, evocative of the British Empire at its peak, but it is easy to order from them on-line and American buyers are not subject to the European Value Added Tax. Cordings isn't a fashion house; their styles haven't changed in over a hundred years. They were going out of business until a financial rescue by one of their best customers, one Mr. Eric Clapton, a guitar player of some note from the neighboring county of Surrey. (Comment)
Shown with a Crewneck Jumper in Navy:  <>
I love the photos of the tattersall shirts. As a horseback rider, I've always had a soft spot for the print...tattersall is the traditional print for the points on a shadbelly. (Comment)
Blue Pink Large Overcheck Tattersall Shirt <>
Some Women's Tattersall Shirt (non-wrinkle-resistant) providers are:

Cordings' Brown Blue Small Tattersall Check <>


  1. I have worn Mercer and Sons modified spread and BD tattersall shirts for a number of years. The ability to customize the fit has proven to be most helpful. In my opinion, both the quality of the fabric and the tailoring are better than any shirt on the market. An added bonus is the terrific customer service.

  2. What a wonderful post! Thank you so very much.

  3. The moleskin trousers from Cordings are nothing short of amazing. Super thick, nappy, and a bit more tapered at the ankle that most traditional American trousers.

  4. Love the trousers and the tattersall shirts. I wish that there were more American made / sold options. Shipping charges for items ordered from the UK can get pretty high very quickly.

  5. Moleskin trousers are dry clean only, a no-no in our house

    1. Yes, but you only need to do that once a year, if that.

    2. My Cordings moleskin jeans are machine washed regularly and they look as good as new.

  6. Here's my dilemma, is there such a thing as owning too many Tattersall shirts?

  7. Turn them inside out, and wash on a short, 30 degree wash. Use non-bio liquid/powder.


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