Friday, March 13, 2015

Barbour Ground Zero (US), Milford, New Hampshire

There is a ground zero for Barbour in the United States, and it is their U.S. headquarters in Milford, New Hampshire.

Every Barbour item sold in the US goes through this facility.

The facility manager Tom, an immensely pleasant man as well as a wealth of information down to the tiniest nuggets, was kind enough to give a tour.

Spring and Summer Items Ready to Be Shipped

One detail: the corduroy is designed and attached so that rain is redirected away from the wearer's neck and down the front of the jacket. 

The headquarters includes not only the warehouse, but the famous repair facility as well.  There Kathy, who runs that department, kindly partook.   The repair department is kept busy so the wait can be up to six or eight weeks,  but it is well worth it and the prices are very reasonable.

"The scents of the factory... waxes, oils, old cotton, machine oils... had to be unforgettable." (larsd4, March 8, 2012)

An Old Label

Saved old garments provide just the right replacement pieces.
"I recently inherited a 15ish year old Solway jacket, in wonderful condition. Alas , It was missing its belt. I contacted Jessica in the repair dept in NH, and for less than thirty dollars, they are making and sending a new belt for my Barbour. I was originally told to expect it in two weeks, but as I checked my email tonight I see that Jessica informs me it was completed and shipped today. I live in Virginia so I expect it by the weekend. Truly stellar customer service, on par with Bean in my opinion. I look forward to many years of use from this now discontinued model." (C.S. Mitchell, January 8, 2014)

Kathy spoke of the kinds of items they find left in the pockets of jackets sent in for repair, including wallets and cell phones.  (Those get sent back to the owners.)  And occasionally they also come across things like very sharp flies (used for fishing) or live ammunition.

The facility also does reproofing.

The jackets are reproofed on a heated table.  This allows the fibers to expand and the dirt and old wax to come out, and then are more receptive to the new wax being applied. 

Hector, a highly experienced reproofer,  only takes 15 minutes per item. 
 And attached is Barbour's Outlet Store.