Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Navy Blue and Aran Stripe Guernsey for Men and Women from Le Tricoteur - Made in Guernsey

Le Tricoteur offers this superb Navy and Aran stripe version of their traditional Guernsey jumper,   As with all of their garments, it is made of heavy English worsted wool,  twisted to make it stronger than regular wool, and specially coated making the garments warm and waterproof. 1

This striped version is very popular with the "yachties" who visit the island.
Its square neck makes it reversible.
"The pieces of each Traditional Guernsey are machine knitted on 6 gauge flat bed knitting machines using English Worsted Wool. These pieces then go out to our Hand Knitters who work in their own homes, these ladies knit the raised shoulder seam which runs across the top of the shoulders and joins the two body pieces together, they then knit the neck around and up finishing up with a cast off stitch,effectively making the 2 body pieces and the neck one knitted piece of fabric with no seam." 
- Navy Blue and Aran Stripe Guernsey by Le Tricoteur  <>
This garment was sized up for a more generous fit.  Some might prefer the tighter, more traditional fit. Refer to their sizing guidelines.

Unlike so many garments these days, the sleeves are long, not skimpy, and fold back nicely.

Real Guernseys are only made on the English Channel Island of Guernsey.

Guernsey Jumper Sent by Le Tricoteur of Guernsey


  1. I hope you enjoyed the water,
    I know I did second hand-thank you again for taking us along!
    I appreciate it.

  2. You were made to model clothes!! You should be in Vogue or Vanity Fair!

  3. Smart in stripes. Beautiful sweater!

  4. I own one of the "Traditional Navy Guernseys" by Le Tricoteur and must say it's probably the most robust and well-constructed sweater in my wardrobe. Now, this post is making me think seriously about purchasing the navy blue/aran stripe version.