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Sunday, November 6, 2022

Le Tricoteur Guernsey Resupply

Photos by Salt Water New England
"All our guernseys are knitted on vintage flatbed machines, and come with hand knitted necks & shoulders and then linked by our talented team at Rocquaine. Buying a Le Tricoteur guernsey means owning a piece of island heritage. 100% British wool under license. All our items are unisex so you can buy from any section and receive the exact same item."

Yesterday's Le Tricoteur Guernsey resupply included (starting with the most traditional color):

They are also available from the Women's pages:
Four Guernseys.  All totally fabulous.  



  1. A most superb garment! Thank you!

  2. Beautiful garments. Would buy one, except I find when buying on line the fit is always a roll of the dice. This is especially true with something like a sweater which can’t be altered by our local tailor. Might Tricoteur sell their product at retail locations? We are travelling and will be in Paris, for example, later this month. Perhaps there is a store there? I’ve sent two inquiries to the company but have not received a response. Thank you for any help you can provide.


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