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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Guernsey from Guernsey Woollens

Photo by Salt Water New England
Another excellent source for authentic Guernsey jumpers is Guernsey Woollens.   All of their jumpers (sweaters) are made, of course, on the Channel Island of Guernsey of 100% Pure British Wool.  They offer a variety of styles, including a crew neck version of the traditional Guernsey, if one prefers that to the traditional Guernsey neck.  And they offer a pleasing range of colors, although Navy is the most classic .

They also offer their Traditional Guernsey Jumper in a tall size, with an additional 3 inches added to the body and sleeves.
"On a trip to Guernsey in 2017, I bought five Guernsey sweaters. However, I bought them from Guernsey Woollens. It's a family run business, and less expensive than Le Tricoteur. Paul and his son were very gracious, showed me their operation, and even delivered the sweaters to my hotel. Even better, they were 55 pounds, as opposed to the usual 78. Whattah bahgan! As much as I like the original wool Guernsey, I find that my "go to" sweater is a cotton, crew-neck one that I bought. It's a great weight - substantial, but not too heavy - and can be worn year round." (Comment)

A Particularly Nice Bright Shade of Navy

Rib Knit Cuffs

Traditional Neck

A traditional Guernsey Jumper has no designated front or back.

A tightly woven garment, ideal for cold winds off the water.
Real Guernseys are only made on Guernsey.


  1. Nice presentation, with the pictures of the classic dark blue sweater interspersed with beautiful pictures of the seashore.

  2. We used to have some Guernsey cows but none of them wore sweaters .

  3. If you visit their shop on Guernsey, sweaters are only 55 pounds, instead of the 78 on-line.

  4. My all time favorite sweater!!! I got mine from (yes, pure British wool, the real deal) and paid right around $100 USD with shipping (did the math after currency conversion and it worked out good). Great for fall and winter sailing or just bumming around the harbor. Super soft and thick. Weighs about 3 lbs.


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