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Sunday, August 13, 2023

Le Tricoteur Guernsey Jumpers

 The Old College Roommate - Photos by Salt Water New England

All Le Tricoteur Jumpers are Made in Guernsey.

Unisex Guernsey Jumpers
A reader comment from Instagram <>:
I still have @letricoteur Guernseys inherited from my Grandfather, along with my RNLI Guernsey which was issued during my time as volunteer lifeboat crew. I’ve added to the pile with more recent sweaters in some of the fantastic colours they have now. They’re the most comforting and comfortable thing to wear ever.

My husband’s old roommate from Brown (shown here) has called me from his sailboat (not shown here) when out in the wild Atlantic to attest to their utility.



  1. I agree that they're very nicely made, but the sizing can be a bit tough. Most Americans are going to want to size up from their usual expectations. The wool is woven tightly, and they don't stretch and give like a Shetland, so they feel smaller than the measurements would suggest.

  2. A most superb garment! Thank you!


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