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Friday, November 4, 2022


 Loden is a thick wool fabric originated in Tyrol, Austria centuries ago, and popular in Europe's Alpine region.  It is traditionally fabricated in blends of natural olive green, greys, and browns.  

"Loden is to the Bavarian what tweed is to the Scot—a fabric so long indigenous to its land, of such peasant origins that it has become almost a folk cloth." (Sports Illustrated, October 01, 1956)

As with all wool, loden has the wonderful properties of warmth and breathability.  

But loden is dense and does not stretch.  Because the wool yarn is first woven—not knitted—it is able to better maintain a specific shape (thus the iconic stiff, standup Bavarian collar).  

It is also know for being water repellant, as well as wind repellant and even dirt-repellent.

While it served for generations as workwear keeping Alpine shepherds and woodcutters both warm and dry, the softer loden cloth today is made from merino wool and mixed with mohair, cashmere, alpaca, angora, or silk.

Photo credit:  Muffy Aldrich


  1. What a handsome coat. Please tell me about the bag in the photo. I love the entire look.

  2. Did I miss attribution? Who makes that beautiful coat?

  3. A beautiful garment! Thank you!

  4. Always so warm, dense, and windproof. Love the color, love the material. Had one when I was a child and miss it.

  5. Austrian Loden coats (especially Schneider's Hubertus) are popular amongst the English middle and upper classes. The Duke of Edinburgh wore his regularly. See "How to Dress Like a Duke" on the Cordings website - Sir Alec Guinness also wore one as spymaster George Smiley in the "Smiley's People" television series.

    1. Absolutely love quality coats and buy it for life pieces! Love your blog! Printing your articles of wisdom for my son.


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