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Sunday, October 2, 2022

The Covert Coat

Muffy Aldrich Wearing a Covert Coat from Cordings of Piccadilly
The Covert Coat, a most British garment, was originally designed in the 19th century as a riding or hunting coat. (A covert is a thicket in which game can hide, and so a common meeting place before a day in the field.) The material is tough enough to survive brambles, the pockets are deep enough for game, and a covert coat has a single vent to go over a saddle.

"Covert" refers as much to the tightly woven wool twill as the coat itself, and even the color.  The traditional fawn hides both horsehair and at least some mud.  

The covert coat is sized to fit over a business suit, but can be worn slightly more casually.  

Shown here:


Shorter than a Chesterfield Coat.

Traditional tramline stitching at the cuffs and hem.

Fox Brothers, founded in 1772, was the original maker of the covert cloth and still makes it today.

Deep Poacher Pocket

The glorious silk Chasing Scarf is double sided, printed and made in England.

 Photo Credit:  Muffy Aldrich


  1. A most superb garment! Looks wonderful on! Thank you!

  2. Love the style. Are these warm enough for northeast winters or better for more moderate climes? If not suitable for actual winter weather, what alternatives would you suggest?

    1. I own one of these with a brown velvet collar; takes a bit of aplomb to pull it off but I love it. I would say it is medium weight -- okay for northeastern winters but you must be well-layered underneath. For men, a warmer alternative would be a tan camel's hair topcoat.

  3. I have two Cordings covert coats in fawn for the country and navy for the City. There were also matching flat caps in store, but not on the website, last winter. Hopefully, they'll be available again soon.

    The Paisley madder scarves are beautiful and fantastic value. Btw, does the SWNE discount code still work on the website? I'm very tempted by the new woodland madders.

  4. Beautiful coat, so much so, I'd be loathe to muck it up in a field. Definitely a city coat for those in between days when transitioning from Winter to Spring and Fall to Winter.


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