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Sunday, April 3, 2022

Shell Driveways

Photos by Salt Water New England
New England shell driveways are a more environmentally friendly alternative to gravel.  Since colonial times, shell driveways use what would otherwise be a seafood waste product. 

Containing no toxins and renewable, the oyster, clam, scallop shells provide excellent low-maintenance drainage and their calcium works its way into the soil for plants as they break down.  And because of this, they do need to be replenished often.



  1. Had never even thought about the benefits of the shells. Thanks!
    (Love the windswept-hair photo.)

  2. I live in Maryland and we have a fair number of shell driveways. My dog loves them. He picks up the shells and carries them around on our walks.

  3. I love the look of shell driveways. It's something we don't have here in Michigan - I doubt many Michiganders know they exist. Although I've never driven on one, I can imagine they make a charming sound as the tires crunch over the shells.

  4. I appreciate shell driveways, but they can certainly cut up bare feet.

  5. Eek! You’re right. Bare feet are made for green grass.

  6. New England at it's best! Thank you so very much!

  7. shell driveways..beautiful indeed, although with heavy New England snow falls....snowplowing driveways can be problematic. btw....having grown up in Buffalo......I know about winter and snow!


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