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Sunday, April 3, 2022

Leather Sofas

Photo by Salt Water New England
Leather sofas are often favorite pieces of furniture.  High quality is absolutely critical, both with the leather (including tanning and grain) as well as the overall construction (such as not offshored assembly; eight-way hand-tied, down filled cushions).    

These leather sofas are comfortable.  They add depth to a room.  They are tough and age well.  When classically styled (including brass nailhead trim), they fit into most rooms.  Perhaps best of all, unlike upholstery, they resist some of the scents with which they comes in contact - human, canine, or other.        


  1. What a pretty, relaxed and unique way to display these products. Well done!

  2. we went digital with the newspapers (Washington Post, NY Times) a few years ago. New Yorker too. The Post still insists on dropping off a paper version Saturday and Sunday - probably a way to appease advertisers. While I miss the tactile feel of reading a real newspaper, i don't miss the ink on my fingertips, which had a magnetic attracting to white clothing.

  3. Best news vehicle we recall was the old IHT. 16 pages of news, and we read every article, no matter the subject. Digital has cleanliness going for it. But it can’t match a print newspaper’s broadsheet ability to draw your attention with a photo or a headline placement. Alas, we now also take most news digitally. But the weekends are reserved print. The WSJ and Financial Times are the best combination. Each prints healthy commentary/interview/books/arts/garden sections. They spare the reviews of household gadgets, instructions on how to dress your child for winter etc., is and the line by line of a hairdresser’s holiday.

  4. Oops! Dunked it. And after you lift the corner of the paper out of your coffee cup you inevitably drag it across the toast. Nothing can truly replace a coffee splotch and a smear of jelly on a real paper newspaper on a Sunday Morning. Rubbing some jelly on the screen is just not the same.

  5. Oh, and try swatting a fly with your ipad.

  6. Have subscribed to WSJ print edition for decades & then digital. The print edition of WSJ is like throwing meat to the lions. My wife remarked " You would not look up if the sky was falling in while reading the WSJ with your martini". Nothing like the physical act of reading a newspaper and drinking gin.

  7. What a perfect picture of continment! Just so very wonderful! Enjoy!

  8. The weekend Financial Times is all I need. The Life and Arts section is a hands down winner.

    1. The Financial Times Life and Arts section is twice as good as anything offered elsewhere on the weekend. And the paper is half the price of the competition.


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