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Sunday, March 14, 2021

The Grenfell Shooting Coat

Photos by Salt Water New England

The Grenfell Shooting Coat - Made in London - fills the gap between winter and summer, between thick tweed coats and windbreakers.  Made of iconic Grenfell Cloth—with tightly woven 600 thread-per-inch long staple Egyptian cotton twill—the coat is naturally water resistant while remaining breathable.  

It also brings an unmistakable presence.  

The Grenfell Shooting Coat has been relied upon by countless soldiers, sportsmen, and London commuters for protection from the elements over the decades.  This coat has a simple practical design with a relentless attention to detail, including real horn buttons, removeable game pocket, and a rich color often described as iridescent green.  And it uses its combination of outer layer, lining, and knit cuffs in concert to achieve a surprisingly secure while ventilated fit.

Said one reader:

The Grenfell jacket is an excellent piece of kit. I own one and wear it most days The cloth developed for Sir Wilfred Grenfell when he was in Labrador now very useful for walking mine. Grenfell may have died in Vermont but was born in a village less than 8 miles from where l live and the next village on from where Lady Hamilton of Lord Nelson fame came from.

Real Horn Buttons

Internal Removable Waterproof Game Pocket

100% Water Repellent

100% Cotton Grenfell Cloth Lining


The Cordings/Grenfell Recreated Belted Shooting Jacket, Originally Made in the 1940's.


  1. What a superb, classic jacket! Thank you so very much!

  2. So, my mother who served as a volunteer and RN in the late thirties for the Grenfell Mission in Newfoundland came home with a Grenfell jacket inspired, in some way I guess, by Sir Wilfred Grenfell himself, the great humanitarian who brought healthcare to the fishing families of that remote island from the 1890s through the 1930s. She wore her Grenfell jacket her entire life and it was her favorite go to coat for bad weather...on land or sea (including cruising to Maine on our sailboat).
    So, question: what if anything is the relation of these Grenfell coats to those acquired by American and English volunteers in the thirties and earlier on the Grenfell Mission? The jackets look very similar indeed.

    1. The answer to your question is here -

    2. Thank you. I should have dug deeper on the Grenfell/Cordings site.

  3. George Mallory wore a very similar jacket on his 1924 Everest attempt, right down to the belt. It was, however, made by Burberry and probably made-to-measure as well. The material is described as gabardine. Supposedly Burberry was the first to use the term for the fabric itself. Mallory wore as many as seven layers underneath the jacket.

  4. Could you show us what the inside looks like? Thank you.


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