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Monday, November 4, 2019

The Beerenberg Roll Neck Oiled Wool Pullover from Arthur Beale - Made in Britain

Photos by Salt Water New England
Every once in a while one comes across an exceptionally unique product spawned from an exceptionally unique store.  The Beerenberg Roll Neck Oiled Wool Pullover from London's Arthur Beale is just that.

This is the thickest and heaviest pullover I have ever owned.   It is made in Britain of British wool - oiled wool, undyed and still containing the natural lanolin.  You can smell the sheep.  It's wonderful.

For 400 years London's Arthur Beale has been a "rope-maker turned yacht chandler."  When long-time customer and Tilman Medal winner Alasdair Flint - a sailor who has a "varnished wooden yacht and... a penchant for sailing into the Arctic"- heard they were about to go out of business, he and a business partner bought it.

Read more here: <>

And visit their Instagram page and see, among other things, how they squeeze their boat through the ice. <>

It is a long garment. I am wearing a size Large for a more generous fit..

I took it out into one of our many strong storms of late, and it got quite wet but I did not.

It has reinforced thumb holes allowing the sleeves to be pulled over your hands.

The neck is perfect, and not too tight.


  1. I wonder if there is a retailer in the US?
    This looks like an AMAZING piece that will be handed down for generations.
    I would love to be able to try one on before investing
    Thank you for letting me know.
    All the best - Matthew

  2. What a classic. Thanks so very much!

  3. Such a great shop! I got a cotton smock there, that I wear all the time!

  4. You are a stunningly attractive should be in catalogs !!

    1. Aint she sweet,though? But i suspect shes bad tempered;she deletes half my comments. A kind woman would publish them all in letters of flaming gold.

  5. Love this! Do you feel the sizing chart is accurate? Thanks, scotmiss

    1. I used the chest measurements they provide on their site, but then went up one size because I often prefer a slightly oversized fit. What I received was exactly what I wanted.

    2. Thank you for your quick reply. I have never been disappointed with anything I ordered based on your recommendation. I hope all is well with you, scotmiss

  6. Thank you for the information, it is very much appreciated.

  7. I purchased this Arthur Beale Beerenberg sweater in dark brown just before the UK Lock down, and it is terrific -- very well made and handsome.

    And seeing how good this one was, I also ordered their Erebus Boat Neck model. Another winner, and both are offered at a reasonable price due to the current exchange rate. Shipping is also inexpensive and timely.

    This is a good shop with nice people, and I recommend it to one and all.


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