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Sunday, November 10, 2019

Shetland Sweaters

Warmth without Bulk - Harley of Scotland's Shetland Sweater from Bosie Knitwear of Scotland - Photos by Salt Water New England
There may be no single item that is as much a staple as a Shetland sweater.  It starts life ready for a nearly formal settings, and ends up perfectly suited for watching games by the sidelines.  Surprisingly comfortable, its warmth without bulk makes it perfect for cool summer evenings and for layering under other garments.

Harley of Scotland's Classic Shetland Sweater from Bosie Knitwear of Scotland

Our favorite source of authentic Shetlands is Bosie.  Bosie Knitwear's Harley of Scotland Shetlands are the softest I have even encountered.   They credit this to their yarn,  which comes from a "200 year old spinner," being milled in "some of the softest water in Scotland".

Made in Scotland, their Shetlands are seamfree and are extremely comfortable.

The most versatile is the classic Navy.
Other than Navy...

Those looking for the perfect sweater under tattersalls may also opt for heather. 

And I am still pretty much wearing what I was wearing in 1980.
Shetland Crew Neck for Women in Shadecard Carnation 1424.

The Men's Luxury Shetland
Bosie Knitwear of Scotland also offers a Luxury Shetland for Men, made of 88% Shetland and 12% Cashmere, which results in a sturdy but very soft garment.

And when ordering, you can choose your degree of "shagginess".   They offer their Bosie Luxury Shetland’s in Plain (unbrushed), Gently Brushed (brushed once) Shaggy (brushed twice), Extra Shaggy (brushed three times) and Quad Shaggy (brushed four times)

A Gently Brushed Bosie Shetland

Shown Here in Purple Heather

Made in Scotland

Seamless Sweaters


  1. I miss the brushed wool shetland sweaters from the Andover Shop that I wore in college and beyond. Of course there are still the J Press "Shaggy Dog" sweaters. However, tyhey seem much bulkier and of course at $250.00 apiece seem too steep a price to pay.

  2. OK, I'm in! I'm going to order one, if available. What level of "shagginess" did you order? TY.

    1. I generally prefer no shagginess, but the lighter of the two Purples here was lightly brushed.


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