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Saturday, October 26, 2019


Photos by Salt Water New England
Bluchers are a style of shoe that features an open lacing system, including an upper made from one piece of leather.  Four eyelets are preferable.

Bluchers are named after an 18th century Prussian general, Gebhard Leberecht von Bl├╝cher, who ordered a new design of boot that became the modern blucher.

The blucher may be the perfect year-round shoe.  It initially can be used for business casual, but has a long life in different roles as miles are heaped upon it, including sockless during the summer.  It is the shoe equivalent of the (unironed) Oxford shirt.

As with boat shoes, camp mocs, and snaffle bits, and unlike other dressier shoes, bluchers are perfect for wearing sockless in the warmer weather. 

Variations abound, including three eyelets (less good) and brick soles (quite smart indeed). 

With Ragg Socks


  1. Such a classic shoe. Thank you so much!

  2. Had a pair of Bean Bluchers for a few months - had to send them back to excessive "squeaking" when worn.

  3. I bought my Men's Maliseet Oxford in a nearly identical configuration, except that I substituted the rugged Vibram sole. They are handsome and generally comfortable shoes. My primary issue with Quoddys in general is that the soles on all my Quoddys are lacking in support and rigidity. I find my Rancourt equivalents to be better for walking, and with even better construction. The Rancourt Baxter Ranger-Moc in particular is a rugged, comfortable, handsome, and extremely versatile shoe. I confine my Maliseet Oxfords to wear when I expect to do less walking on hard surfaces.

    1. I found the same with their boat mocs. Try an off-the-shelf orthotic like Superfeet. It gives plenty of support and you can get a variety of configurations for flat feet, high arches, etc. I can't wear them without the insoles.


    2. Thank you! I have two pairs of Quoddy's Maliseet Oxfords I think they are Quoddy's most comfortable all around shoe. When I read your comment about Superfeet I pulled a pair out of some old boat shoe and tried them in the oxfords. It is a significant improvement. I just ordered two more pair of Superfeet. I appreciate your suggestion.
      I like Quoddy and have several different styles but none are great walking shoes.

  4. Maliseets are my favorite shoes, and I am on my third pair. I find them very comfortable because I prefer a more minimalist moc. I buy them slightly snug and the Chromexcel stretches out over a few weeks of wear to a perfect fit. Quoddy will resole and repair them, but eventually the uppers give out.

  5. Got a pair of each color with lighter color soles. The pictures are well done, as usual but I am reminded of my lifetime, it seems, inability to consistently find khakis with the "look" in the pictures.
    The cut, the color, the sizing and my shape change from one purchase to another and that age old problem of changes occurring after laundering frustrate me. Great pics, tho. Thanks

  6. Perfect yes year round. Sockless
    in summer. Paired with good thick wool socks in winter.
    Very comfy.

  7. I just picked up a pair of blue Maliseets; wore them all day today. Awesome shoe. I'm picking up a slightly different pair of blue Maliseets tomorrow. Thank you for this site.


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