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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Pisgah Range Ltd. Boot Laces: A Reader Comment

A reader kindly sent this comment:

For what it’s worth, I hike and walk a lot and am hard on boot laces. Some of my boots still have metal eyelets, hooks, and hardware. Do laces deserve attention? They do, for me, when the plastic end pieces shred and make them hard to re-lace, or when boot hardware tears them and they fail on a trip far from civilization. 

These are from Pisgah Range Ltd., a North Carolina company that makes paracord boot laces. They’re $10 per pair, sold in a broad range of colors and patterns, extremely durable, and the ends are finished in brass or silver metal. They’re made by hand, in standard lengths or custom. My homework suggests they supply some manufacturers with laces, including Red Wing. 

I have no affiliation with the company; I’m in the process of writing a review of their laces for an outdoors website - I’m on the gear review team for the site. I bought a few pair for my primary hiking boots and just purchased new pair for the Bean boots and another pair of hiking boots. Thought you would be interested. (These hiking boots are from Limmer, a New Hampshire boot maker. I’ve been hiking in them since 2007 with a resole along the way).



Photos from the Reader.  Used with Permission.


  1. The L.L. Bean Boston retail store in Seaport will make any metal tipped laces you want. I found this out when the vacuum cleaner ate one of my hiking boot laces. I'm not sure which, if any, of their other stores offers this.

  2. The Freeport store will as well! Thank you!

  3. Got me Limmers already (40 years ago), got to look into the laces!


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