Photo by Muffy Aldrich
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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Arthur Beale Fisherman Jumper, Made in Britain

Photo by Salt Water New England
Arthur Beale Fisherman Jumper, Made in Britain:

Shown with:


  1. Very attractive, quality jumper, love it in brown. I like the coffee mug too.

  2. Very handsome. The weight alone is worth the import cost. The turtled-neck version performs beyond expectations on the water at 38F and raining.

  3. lovely brown jumper but surprised by that thumb hole

  4. Please. Do not let the thumb hole take you aback. A thumb hole has very practical applications when you find yourself in physically active situations, such as stretching or lunging. The thumb hole is quite convenient when you are donning a jacket with even slightly tight fitting sleeves, as you know. Otherwise the thumb hole does not restrict you nor does it upset the garment’s presentation. It can be easily ignored. But it always comes under the category of, “good to have.”

  5. Is that the charming Mr. Aldrich?

  6. A most superb garment! Thank you once again!


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