Photo by Muffy Aldrich
The Modern Guide to The Thing Before Preppy

Monday, January 1, 2024

Preppy Rule: Drive out of your way to drive by the water.

Photos by Salt Water New England



  1. No question. I remember in kindergarten playing with a wood cutout puzzle of the US and feeling sorry for all the people who didn't live on the coast and couldn't get to the water like we could.

  2. I couldn't agree more. In Maine, Route One from Kittery all the way to Eastport is a beautiful drive.

    1. Agree, though it's well worth diverting to Route 1-A/Shore Road through Ogunquit.

    2. Ditto. But you need get way up Down East to really enjoy the ride. As this ride is about the only one left in New England where one doesn’t encounter dreaded seaside congestion. Eek! Especially avoid The Cape in summer. Every time some youngster cruising with their parents on Rt 28 calls for an ice cream cone, with a stop that requires a turn against traffic, cars back up for 1/2 a mile. At least.

    3. You can see the same amount of shoreline from reason to ever take 28 - lol.

  3. Decades ago my wife met me at Heathrow after I was on business for a week in Amsterdam. We flew to Inverness, rented a car and drove the perimeters of Scotland, Orkneys and Hebrides for ten days, taking every turn that would lead us along the shorelines each day. Unforgettable.


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