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Wednesday, August 23, 2023

New from Arthur Beale - The Oiled Wool Pelmo Jumper, Made in Britain

Photos by Salt Water New England
So pleased that Arthur Beale has introduced a lighter weight and softer version of their now infamous oiled wool jumpers.  Like their Beerenberg and Erebus pullovers, the low-key good-looking Pelmo is made in Britain of British Wool to the same standards.  
Arthur Beale describes oiled wool as "a yarn that hasn’t been highly processed or dyed and still contains the natural lanolin oils from the fleece, this gives the pullover the fresh wool smell".  More bluntly, it smells like sheep.  In the most wonderful way.

Reinforced Thumb Holes

From their site:
 It will naturally shed off a short shower or spray and still maintains its warmth even if it does get wet.

 The pure Welsh Wool used to make this pullover is specially spun for us to our exacting specification.

 It is naturally fire resistant. Wool is self-extinguishing unlike many synthetics. That is why it is the chosen material for occupations such as oil rig workers and firefighters.

This unprocessed wool, doesn’t hold sweat like man-made fibres so it naturally rarely needs laundering as it will stay fresher longer.

Made in Britain of British Wool

 A note on sizing - the Pelmo runs smaller than the Erebus pullovers.  Consult their size chart for exact measurements.  


  1. A welcome addition to a terrific company's heavier sweaters, and now we can wear an Arthur Beale in the spring and summer as well. Always outstanding quality.

  2. Is there any chance you could get a >10% coupon code for your readers? I have it in my cart...

  3. A most superb garment! Thank you, so very much!


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