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Sunday, August 27, 2023

Chunky Glenugie Nep (formerly Soft Donegal) Pullovers from Bosie - Made in Scotland

Photos by Salt Water New England
It is always exciting to see what the new Bosie season brings. Their chunky (4 ply) Glenugie Nep (formerly Soft Donegal) pullovers are stand-outs.  Very soft and very thick,  they are utterly delightful both to look at and to have on.  

For Men, the Trawlerman Chunky Glenugie Nep is a wonderful addition to their hearty Blue Mogganer collection:

Our Blue Mogganer Collection is inspired in fashioning/shaping, by the old and long established fishing communities of our locality in the North East of Scotland. Seam free, chunky and hard wearing, it is a true replica of the traditional garments Scottish Mariners would have worn in the extremely harsh North Sea, in the early 1900’s. Our town of Peterhead was nicknamed The ‘Blue Toon’ and fishermen were locally branded as ‘Blue Mogganer’s’ in tribute to the (often Blue) Moggan’s (thick knitted socks) they wore.

Shown here in Jura Navy, it comes in three other colors as well.  It is generous in fit for outstanding comfort.

Trawlerman Chunky Glenugie Nep Sweater

 And for Women, the Braid Chunky Glenugie Nep Womens Jumper, also available in four colors.  (Shown here in Eriskay Green, which I adore.)  The fit is surprisingly generous, especially through the shoulders and arms, which is very welcome indeed.  But it is not too long, so is flattering.

And worn with the Ladies Liberty Tana Lawn Shirt from Cordings of Piccadilly:


  1. Both very handsome samples! The green sweater, in particular, is lovely.

    Kind Regards,


  2. Thanks for posting. I'm due for a new sweater---maybe two.

  3. Muffy: did you order any of the ''brushing"" options for either of your sweaters posted?

    1. Thank you.
      My first Bosie order! Thank you for posting about them.

  4. Most handsome garments! Thank you so very much! Cheers!


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