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Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Mystic Knotwork Arrival! Made in Mystic, Connecticut

Photo by Salt Water New England
More great products from Mystic Knotwork!  While I was confident I would like their Celtic Knot Woven Cotton Bowl, I was surprised (in a good way!) by its heft.  And softness.  This is a substantial bowl.  Also offered in Navy, Gray, and Tan.  Made in Mystic, Connecticut.

And the beautiful coasters, headed for the porch, were also a pleasant surprise in that they too, were just "more".  Could not be more pleased.  The coasters are offered in Mystic Knotwork's usual array of lovely colors.

These are terrific hostess gifts.

You know Mystic Knotwork is authentic by the single most Yankee description, by a company, of their Pink coasters. 
Not your traditional nautical color, but some people like the weave and the color. (Mystic Knotwork)

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