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Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Arthur Beale Erebus Boat Neck Pullover

Photos by Salt Water New England

The Arthur Beale Erebus is a beast of sweater.  Smelling faintly of lanolin, and of a not inconsiderable weight, the Erebus is designed for sailing to the Arctic.  However, for those who sleep with their house cool, they are also ideal for putting on first thing in the morning to make getting out of bed that much more pleasant.  And of course they are ideal for shoveling snow, walks, and other winter activities.  (It is these latter uses that justifies having a few of these bad boys around in our house.)

These are also surprisingly handsome sweaters, almost mysteriously so given their bulk.  And they are reversable, so wear and tear (and the odd spill) can be evenly distributed.   

Arthur Beale Erebus Boat Neck Pullover:

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  1. I've long admired these sweaters, having first seen them on this site. Pretty well decided on the black Welsh mountain color, as the others would wash out my decidedly "light Welsh gray/ecru" complexion. I hope they offer one in navy one day, as well.

  2. Can never go wrong with their products! Thank you!

  3. I learned of this sweater from this site and have worn the black Welsh one for a few winters. it's wonderful. Word to the wise, you need a fairly big outer coat whose sleeves have some extra room for this sweater. It's a tight squeeze into Barbour jacket sleeves.


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