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Thursday, September 22, 2022

Velvet Slippers

Photos by Salt Water New England
Prince Albert, the royal consort of Queen Victoria, popularized a formal slipper around 1840, now referred to as The Albert Slipper.

The Albert Slipper is made of velvet uppers (traditionally black), with quilted linings, a finishing braid, and often with some embroidered motif or insignia on the vamp for personalization and, perhaps, wit.  This "velvet slipper" style is typically available today with a leather sole, making it closer to a soft shoe.  

When used in Victorian England, guests would switch from their outdoor to indoor footwear when arriving to avoid tracking in gravel and sand.  

Velvet slippers can be used today when going out to various formal functions for a bit of flair.

But they are absolutely perfect for home.  They make the most sense for the host of a dinner party.  But anytime people come over forthe evening, these shoes set a tone that relaxes and amuses guests.  

And when the slippers begin showing their age, they are ideal for changing into when one gets home from a trip or long commute.  Because above all, true to their origin, velvet slippers are not just fun to wear but are very warm and comfortable.

While many knock-offs are available, Cordings' are hand made in Britain.
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