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Friday, August 12, 2022

New from Bosie - West Coast - Crabapple Fair Isle Lambswool Sweater

Photo by Salt Water New England

Bosie has come out with their strongest season yet, with irresistible Fair Isles including this (Scotland’s) West Coast - Crabapple Fair Isle Lambswool Sweater.  
For those of us who were spoiled by The Country Store of Concord or Triminghams, these fit the bill.  Legendary construction, great fit (use the size chart), and perfect colors. An example of the nice details:  This sweater has turnback sleeves (the sleeves are long and arrive "turned back"), which gives more flexibility on the fit and gives the garment a shape I prefer.


  1. Beautiful pattern and colours.

  2. Agree, the Bosie quality is superb! Thank you for recommending Bosie to your readers.

  3. Gorgeous! I might have to order one. And then hope we have cool enough weather to actually use it, my sweaters sat in the drawer most of last fall/winter, it was so sad.


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