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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Crofter - Mull Natural, Made in Scotland

Photos by Salt Water New England
If anyone wants to argue that Bosie's new Crofter - Mull Natural is a perfect sweater, I won't disagree. 
The styling is subtle, not something often associated with Fair Isle.  It blends in while still looking spectacular.

The Donegal wool is marvelous.  It is thick and soft and has that wonderful flecked pattern that makes everyone feel at home.  

And it has all of the details that come from passion.  The Fair Isle yoke design continues down past the shoulder.   The edges of the sleeves are patterned as well, with the turnback sleeves.   And as always, it is made in Scotland. 

Unfortunately, my dominant thought when I wear this is, "I need a backup!"

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  1. Superb! Thank you!

  2. Nice. Really nice ... irresistibly so.

  3. Beautiful sweater!! I have a couple from another brand, also made in Scotland from Shetland wool, and I have been very unhappy with the fit. I wear them, but don't really like them, although they are very beautiful. The sleeves are really short and the body is boxy. Very disproportionately sized, so even sizing up would not be the right choice. I am definitely in the market for a new brand! --Holly in PA

  4. That is a great sweater.

  5. Wondering what size you are wearing in the Bosie Crofter Donegal wool sweater. Looks wonderful.

    1. I am wearing an XL. The Bosie size charts are very helpful.


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