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Monday, August 29, 2022

Navy Duffle Coat | Cordings' Montgomery

All Photos by Salt Water New England
Cording's New Navy Montgomery Duffle Coat arrived today and it will be put through its paces once the weather gets a bit crisper.  

I know many have been looking for a great duffle coat, and this one is perfect - extra thick wool,  made in England of Yorkshire cloth, and real stag horn toggles.  Be sure to take a moment and look at the specific measurements from the size guide.  This garment is cut roomily and the garment measurements are very helpful.

It also comes in a lovely Brown.

Real stag horn toggles.

Made in England

Cashmere Scarf, Made in England



  1. Duffle coats, a perfect way to wear a long wool coat without seeming too formal in today's society. It's very easy to either dress up or combine with a more casual outfit.

    I have owned multiple made in England duffle coats and they last forever. Just keep the leather toggle straps oiled for longevity like any other leather product.

  2. The description on the Cordings site says..."Using a double faced Teflon coated Yorkshire woven wool cloth." What is this? My English Duffle Coats have served me admirably for a years and years without Teflon.

    1. Teflon is coating, also used in cookware, which is supposed to increase water repellency.

    2. Yes. It makes natural fabrics feel greasy to me. I'll have my wool without Teflon, please.

    3. Arthur Beale sweaters are advertised as being made of oiled wool. Have no idea what they feel like.

  3. A true wardrobe must have! Thank you so very much!

  4. I have a Gloverall wool duffle coat in navy. It has lasted for years and will last for many more.


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