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Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Advice for visiting Newport for the first time...


 Dear Muffy,

Could you and members of the community please advise me on visiting Newport for the first time? Many thanks!



  1. Join The Preservation Society of Newport County when you arrive

  2. is a good place to start in advance of your visit. Beyond that, Touro Synogogue is the oldest in the US and is an interesting national historic site; the Breakers is the most interesting of the old mansions (my opinion); and Newport is a place well seen from the water via a sailing or yacht tour. Also, if you’re active, a day on a bicycle is another great way to enjoy Newport.

  3. I love eating at The Lawn at the Castle Hill Inn.

  4. As a dyed in the wool landlubber, I took a late afternoon sail on The Columbia and not really knowing what to expect loved it. If I ever go back I would do it again.

  5. Every three years Newport hosts Coaching Weekend. This is the year and it will be in August. It's a fun time to be in town and quite a spectacle to see the carriages and coaches driving down Bellevue Ave. with passengers all turned out in period attire.

    Visit the mansions if you haven't. Visit Touro Synagogue and Trinity Church (1720s-ish building with tulip pulpit). If you are interested in colonial history, visit the Arnold Burying Ground (quick visit, easy to find, easy walk--but may be more interesting to me as it's my family). If you're there in August, Newport hosts Coaching Weekend every three years and this is the year. It's great fun and an interesting crowd. Also, checked the Preservation Society calendar of events. There are various events and lectures scheduled through the year (Lady Carnarvon from Highclere Castle was there just a few weeks back). Good luck and enjoy.

  6. Have at least one meal at THE BRICK ALLEY PUB on Thames Street.

  7. I recommend the International Tennis Hall of Fame if you have even a passing interest in the sport.

    1. Yes! They are a very hospitable bunch, and you can also view the Court [Real] Tennis Court, one of the seven or eight still actively used in the US.

  8. Walk along Cliff Walk. It is right on the water and you have amazing views of the backsides of the summer cottages.

  9. Jazz Fest in July-August!

  10. The Cliff Walk is partially closed. I saw this last month.
    As posted above, go to the Tennis Hall of Fame and have lunch courtside, or at least a GnT.
    It is almost pre-pandemic level, but take a tour of the Breakers and Marble House mansions.
    Go to the Royal Male for appropriate attire.
    Attend a service or take a tour at
    Lunch at The White Horse Tavern or The Mooring
    Last have dinner or drink at the Black Pearl


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