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Monday, June 27, 2022

Maine Island Ferries

Photos by My Father and Salt Water New England 
Maine has more than 4,600 islands.  So ferry services, and private boat services, are a much depended upon part of the infrastructure.    And some ferries are perfect ways to see some beautiful locations.

Questions for the community:

Which are your favorite or most-used Maine Island ferries? And which would you recommend to friends visiting Maine?




  1. Mail boat from Stonington to Isle au haut. Back in the day, it was the "Mink," and then the "Mink II." The captain's name was Buster. I can still picture him with his khaki pants and shirt, smoking a pipe of course. Boy do I miss those carefree days . . . .

    1. Another "back in the day" memory is going to Monhegan Island on a supply boat and sitting on a crate of potatoes. There were no tourist ferries then, but there was a small postal plane.

  2. The ferry to Swans island is my favorite. So is Swan’s island!

  3. Passenger ferry from Boothbay Harbor to squirrel Island.

  4. The only one I've ever taken is the Squirrel Island ferry. Have to broaden my ferry horizons!

  5. The only ferries I have taken in Maine (many times) are Casco Bay Lines to Peaks Island from Portland. It's a short ride, and the ferries are nothing special. Peaks Island is a nice diversion from Portland, though. I think one can walk the perimeter in an hour and a half or two hours.

  6. What wonderful photos! Always brightens my day, to see home! Cheers!

  7. That giant duck boat sea truck thing in Port Clyde!

  8. The mail boat from Port Clyde to Monhegan. My family had a friend that had a house on the island. The yearly visit was a highlight of the summer.

  9. The mail boat between Stonington and Isle au Haut. Lincolnville to Isleboro. Both islands are great day trips.


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