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Friday, May 14, 2021

The Surcingle D-Ring Belt

Photo by Salt Water New England

D-ring belts add a bit of jauntiness to an outfit.  

The motif ribbon belt is one D-ring path, but wool surcingle is an often underappreciated alternative.  

Surcingle refers to the course weave of the wool.  The word 'surcingle' comes from the thick leather strap that fastens around the horse's girth.

Wool surcingle belts are more durable than ribbon belts.  And wool takes colors better than cotton.  

Wool surcingle belts typically are available in one solid color or two colors in a simple stripe. Monogramming is also available.

Some prefer the stretchy surcingle belts as well.  


  1. Might it be the leather tip of the belt, or the belt itself, that adds “the bit of jauntiness?”

  2. A timeless classic to be sure! Thank you!

  3. Caveat Emptor. Width of belt, weight of D ring , & taper of end tip of belt threading the D ring. Standard Operating Procedure .

  4. Any SWNE-approved sources for good wool D-ring surcingle belts? I tend only to run into polyester ribbon belts or stretchy cotton surcingle with leather buckle ends.

    1. This is from Leather Man Ltd.. I have been getting them from there since 1977. :)

    2. Most helpful, thanks!


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