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Friday, May 14, 2021

Arthur Beale to Close Store, Remain Online


Several readers have emailed me to commiserate regarding the closing down of the Arthur Beale store.

Arthur Beale plans to continue their online store.  However, given how spectacular and unique the Arthur Beale offerings are, especially their sweaters, I would strongly suggest anyone thinking of buying one should do it as soon as possible.  Arthur Beale sweaters/ pullovers are designed for outdoor, cold weather use.  


  1. I was so sad to read this. Grateful that we stumbled upon their shop and thoroughly enjoyed it.

  2. I already own the Arthur Beale Roll Neck Pullover along with its' companion Erebus Boat neck, and can highly recommend both. These are extraordinary, unique garments made from thick Black Welsh Mountain Sheep wool. Even with the current exchange rate they are a bargain. And they also give you 5m of extra wool on a handy card for mending in the future. Let's hope the company can make a post-pandemic comeback

    For those of you who don't subscribe to the Wall Street Journal, and can't read the entire article here are other reports:

  3. An unfortunate sign of the times.

    My dad grew up on the mid-upper west side of Manhattan, 80s just off Broadway, so I grew up walking those streets when we visited his parents. If Rip Van Winkle had fallen asleep in the 70's and returned to the neighborhood today, he would barely recognize it. At least Murray's Sturgeon Shop and Zabar's have survived.

  4. A sad day indeed. Thank you for the news.


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