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Thursday, May 5, 2022

Classic(ish) Guernsey Sweaters that Aren't Navy

Photos by Salt Water New England
Navy Guernseys are iconic.  When building a classic wardrobe, they are an early purchase.  

After that, I might consider Le Tricotuer Guernsey pullovers in other nature-based hues.  Made of British Wool, knitted in Guernsey, and hand-finished in the homes of island residents, their wonderful Light Grey and Beige sweaters are equally harmonious with favorite places.

Women's Light Grey and Beige



  1. Agree. My navy blue Guernsey sees plenty of use but I added a Military Green one last fall and wore it often through the winter. The color goes with so many things.

  2. A must have for sure! I can't imagine being without the few I have. Cheers!

  3. I also have a Bottle Green one from Woolovers, in addition to a Navy LeTricoteur, that goes well with many things.

  4. The grey/oatmeal colors are really nice!

  5. Such lovely soft colors


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