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Saturday, April 30, 2022

The Weather Vane

Photos by Salt Water New England

Weather vanes provide the perfect venue for expressions of passions, appreciation of craftsmanship, and even wit.  In a culture that values the architecture of streets and entire villages to support a greater collective vision, weather vanes allow for individuality.   

In terms of The Uniform, weather vanes may be the equivalent of the motif belt or, for some people, socks.  


  1. My all time candidate for most amusing weathervane: the grasshopper on Boston's Faneuil Hall. Here's some amusing tales about it...

  2. The Richard Byrd Library in Springfield, Virginia, just outside Washington, D.C., has a weathervane of a model of Byrd's airplane atop the three-story tower portion of the library. The tower is an unusual feature itself for a library. I think the airplane is supposed to be a Ford Trimotor.

  3. A must have for sure! That final touch! Cheers!

  4. I have the same whale weathervane as pictured in the cupola on my house.

    If I ever move the whale is coming with me only to be replaced with some other type of weathervane.

  5. There is a great whodunnit on rare weather vanes in New England: Charlotte Macleod, Vane Pursuit (Part 7 of the wonderful Peter Shandy series, the audiobook was published in 2014).

  6. Pretty much the ultimate:


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