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Saturday, March 12, 2022


Muffy Aldrich in a Bosie Lighthouse in Donegal Merino

Donegal often refers to yarn and woolen fabrics (such as tweed) with mixed flecked colors.

Some Donegals use a "salt and pepper" combination while others mix broader colors from nature, including earthy browns, mossy greens, flowering plants, oceans, and skies.  The wool can also vary, including lambswool, mohair, and cashmere.  

These various possible combinations mean that Donegal wool can very greatly in look, feel, and function.  As with oriental rugs, the flecking not only adds depth but also helps owners worry less about the odd spill.  

And as with Bouillabaisse and Champagne, purists may argue the only products from source - in this case County Donegal, a remote area in Northern Ireland - should rightfully bear the name.  

To learn more about the process, see the video here <> and the steps here <>.

A Donegal Fair Isle from Bosie

Magee Donegal <>

Photo Credits:  Muffy Aldrich


  1. The Magee Donegal in the third photo is gorgeous!

    1. That's Cordings' Follifoot Bark Tweed Coat from a few years back. I was lucky enough to also pick one up, and every Fall they offer new Follifoots. A terrific lifetime investment piece.

  2. All really beautiful pictures

  3. Beautiful! Each piece shines in its own way, and I echo Charles Gresham's admiration of the Magee Donegal. In another life, I would have remained in client-focused retail for apparel like this. Debt cycles, etc., however, so on to better employment, but oh, what a joyful fabric! My heart thrills to see it.

  4. Donegal is NOT in Northern Ireland It’s in the Republic although in the North West of the island of Ireland

  5. Just beautiful! What sheer perfection! Thank you!


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