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Saturday, November 20, 2021

Favorite Arthur Beale Pullovers

Photos by Salt Water New England

The Wall Street Journal accurately described Arthur Beale as the "500-Year-Old ‘Mad’ Sailor Shop."  They have also been described as  "rope-maker turned yacht chandler." Arthur Beale was even present in the most recent Bond movie.

In my quest for a perfect wardrobe, I have gathered a not inconsiderable collection of world-class sweaters.  And my Arthur Beales remain the go-to jumpers for spending time outside during the less hospitable winter days.    They are made in Britain of British oiled wool, undyed and still containing the natural lanolin.  Unbelievably substantial. You can smell the sheep.  Considering this, and how amenable they are to mending, these are clothes that should also make environmentalists happy. 

Readers have praised Arthur Beale oiled-wool  jumpers for their reasonable price and heirloom quality.  

Ratings: Five out of Five Stars.

The Arthur Beale store moved from their London location, and thus I would strongly recommend if you want any of these unique items to act sooner rather than later. 

Arthur Beale Oiled Wool Beerenberg Pullover - Black Welsh Mountain (Shown above in large)

Arthur Beale exports these to Iceland, Antarctica, Sweden, Russia, and Canada.  If you were sailing to the Arctic circle (as they do), you would pack this.   

This Arthur Beale Beerenberg Pullover is made of oiled wool from the Black Mountain Welsh Sheep, "a rare breed of extremely hardy nature".  It is so thick and heavy it feels like the wool from five sheep.   It is very comfortable to wear, and considering it is a beast of a garment, not unflattering on pretty much everyone.  

If you don't think you look good in Brown, this might change your mind.

Arthur Beale Oiled Wool Beerenberg Pullover - Light Welsh Grey (Last picture)

If you want the Scandinavian vibe... 
Arthur Beale Erebus Boat Neck Pullover

For those who might feel the roll neck is too itchy...
Arthur Beale Oiled Wool Beerenberg Pullover - Ecru (Shown below)

The most classic color, and for many a good place to start...
Arthur Beale Oiled Wool Beerenberg Pullover - Ecru

I am wearing the Large. The garment measurement of the sleeve from the shoulder seam to the cuff (not folded back) is 22 inches. The garment measurement from the top of the collar down over the shoulder to the cuff is 31 1/2 inches.

Beerenberg Pullover in Light Welsh Grey


  1. Only the finest! Thank you so very much!

  2. That boat neck is an unusually thick weave - the roll neck works better under field coats & Barbour jackets. These and a Norwegian sweater are my favorites all winter. They are very well-priced, too.

  3. I was wearing on my old Beerenberg yesterday raking and doing some end of season boat work. I love them, warm and comforting.

  4. How is the sizing? Do they run true to size based on the chart on the Arthur Beale website?

    1. Emily

      I own both the Beerenberg and Erebus, and find Arthur Beale's sizing chart to be accurate. I have them in XL (48) -- the same as my jacket size. Fantastic warmth. Hope this helps.

  5. There is no doubt about the high quality of Arthur Beale, but I do not like garment labels on the outside.

    1. Fine, but did you ever hear about a new invention called a pair of scissors?

  6. If I may suggest, the Aran Sweater Market based in Ireland, also does superior quality knits and ship internationally.

  7. I have the same problem with logos. Some of them difficult to remove unfortunately, even with latest inventions called scissors;)...

    1. Use a seam ripper. That logo is no problem. Steam it out after but you'll never notice otherwise.

    2. See? Just like I said - use a seam ripper.

  8. The duty to be paid on this product is extreme. Too bad it is very nice.


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