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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Patsy Kane's Monkey Fist Knot Earrings

Shown with New Captain's Cord Bracelets:

These new Captain’s Cord bracelets from Patsy Kane (yes, our Patsy Kane) are bright and cheerful and cleverly use a magnetic closure. Each knot is cast in pewter in Rhode Island and secured to a nylon braided cord produced in Maine. They are available in a single or double wrap, in pewter or gold dipped pewter.

And her Monkey Fist Knot Earrings are based on the knots originally tied by sailors around a weighted object and used to add heft to a thrown dock line on sailing ships. 

"Our products are designed, manufactured and/or sourced out of our workroom in Marblehead, Massachusetts. We embrace the Made in America philosophy and try to adhere to it as closely as possible. Most of our jewelry materials are made or sourced in New England. We're inspired by the coast and we hope our jewelry brings you a bit of salt air, fair winds & following seas." - Patsy Kane

"Our Monkey Fist knot earrings are available in 6 perfect colors to complement your nautical style! Each pair comes hand packaged in our signature vintage chart lined round tin." - Patsy Kane


  1. Very nice. Each piece looks so good. I’m fascinated with monkeys fist or monkey paws. I could boast about my ability to work math in my head, visualize furniture placement, do some pretty darn nice carpentry utilizing some skills in proportions and ace those old test with the crazy design on those unfolded boxes but put a piece of line in my hands and.... let me just say that I’m glad there are people out there who can create what I consider works of art, even those I’ve used at sea. Thanks for the pictures and suggestions.

  2. Patsy’s jewelry never disappoints. It is all so classic, fun, and very well made. I love my Captain’s Cord bracelet and wear it more often than any other bracelet. Thank you, Patsy!

  3. Love her work and products. She is so very nice as well. Sometimes I like to wear the monkey fist earrings on a cold and snowy day. Its summer somewhere, right?

  4. I bought my wife a Patsy Kane bracelet personalized with the Latitude and longitude of her favorite place, Gulf Beach in Milford. I gave the gift to her this Summer as we enjoyed a glass of wine and a beautiful Sunset at the beach. Thanks Patsy Kane, because of you I hit a home run, she loves it.

  5. I'm verklempt! Thank you, Muffy, for graciously including us in your Giving Guide with the AMAZING photos and thank all you lovely folks for your kind words and support!

  6. Superb! Thank you so much.

  7. I own and adore both pieces! Timeless, classic, and perfect. Thank you, Patsy!

  8. Look at all I missed going on vacation! Thank you!


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