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Friday, July 16, 2021

Launches, ferries, or dinghies?

Photos by Salt Water New England
 A question for the community:
Do you spend more time on launches, ferries, or dinghies?



  1. Ferries. Mostly on the Island Queen from Falmouth to Oak Bluffs. when visiting Seattle, we take the Washington State Ferry over to Bainbridge Island.

  2. Dinghies. We have very nice launch service but sometimes with grandchildren and very exuberant Jack Russells it’s less chaotic. Loved our Dyer, our children learned to row on a long painter attached to our sailboat when moored and later to sail by themselves .We have become a bit lazy and have an inflatable which is a real workhorse , lacks some character but the dogs love making a rumpus up in the bow and yes they are on a line and you can hear us coming! We are probably not very popular.

    1. Heather, it sounds like Prep Paradise!

  3. These pictures are fabulous! All modes of transportation are great, but I am partial to yacht club launches. Riding on them is the best way to meet people from other boats (and ask them where they have been or are planning to go) or chat with the young college students whose summer job is to drive the launch or pick up tips about where to go for dinner or supplies.. And a launch ride provides a terrific opportunity to check out other boats up close and personal (nosy, I realize). Great post. Thanks!

  4. Love the little Norfolk! She was NOT going to be left behind!

  5. Dinghies for the most part. Thanks once again!

  6. Yesterday, today and tomorrow - for me the question is irrelevant but the pictures….I think that entertaining would be my choice of a word to describe them. I guess I should just say Thank You and enjoy the pictures and not try to come up with a word because we all know that “ A picture….”

  7. Just wonderful!

  8. I really don't like seeing ships the size of QM II in these situations . They're way too big and should be traversing the Atlantic , not the coast like here .

  9. Launches, definitely. Our cabin cruiser is the right size for portability all over the northeast for lake and coast trips. This week we (and the dogs) are off to the Finger Lakes (Cayuga) for 5 days for some peace and wineries with docks. One of our favorite yearly trips. --Holly in PA


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