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Sunday, March 21, 2021

Lotuff's 929 Briefcase - Made in New England

Photo by Salt Water New England

In their sumptuous 929 Briefcase, Lotuff  Leather has successfully created an everything bag.  Made of their celebrated hand-selected vegetable-tanned leather,  it is a briefcase for those not wanting a briefcase; a pocketbook for those not wanting a pocketbook.   Due to its well designed top, it is very easy to use with a generous opening.  

It shifts easily between men and women, and I have been experimenting with using it for all of my daily activities, and have not hit a problem yet.  I like the feel of it under-filled, as a pocketbook replacement, but it bulks up beautifully to tote a lot more when needed.

Those who want their bags to be structured and stand up on their own are in luck.  And those who like the feel of soft, pliable leather are also in luck.  It is both.

The pockets inside handle a couple of pens, a phone, and sunglasses on one side, and a bigger item such as an iPad or laptop on the other.  It is also perfect for business meetings or as a carry-on for cross country trips.  

I truly love this bag.

Beautiful leather, sturdy hardware, and incredible attention to detail.

Here, in Saddle Tan.



  1. Is it named "929" because you can use it from nine am to nine pm?

  2. Superb! Thank you so much!

  3. Amazing. Thank you for sharing your wonderful taste and sense of beauty.


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