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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Tweed Jacket for Men

Photos by Salt Water New England

Men's House Check Action Back Tweed Jacket from Cordings of Piccadilly

Cordings of Piccadilly is perhaps best known for their superb tweed jackets.   Beautifully finished and incredibly comfortable, this outstanding House Check Tweed has a three button front, an action back for freedom of movement, two bellows pockets (lined with the Cordings gold satin) and two side vents.  100% wool, the tweed is woven in Scotland.

Cordings offers many matching pieces in their House Check Tweed, including a non-action back jacket:
And you can see all of their tweed jackets here:
Working Four Button Cuff

Gold Satin Lining and three inside pockets.

Action Back

14oz House Check Tweed, Woven in Scotland


  1. I love the "Action Back" on this jacket.

  2. About a year ago, I picked up a vintage Christopher Dawes half Norfolk, action back, tweed jacket from ebay. It was designed, styled and made in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire from a very heavy, backed, gun check tweed. When I went to pick it up, it was in fact deadstock and never worn, just as the listing stated. It still had the maker's inspection labels on it. It dates from pre-1998 when the company ceased trading. The fit is perfect, as if it's been tailored for me. I paid a whole 15 English pounds for it! I still can't believe I was the only bidder.

    I regularly trawl ebay for similar bargains, but I think this was a one-off, never to be repeated, especially with the renewed interest in vintage clothing and the environmental brownie points it scores.

  3. Cordings used to sell action back jackets in the other house tweeds. Their return would be most welcome.

    1. Hi Ken, Cordings here. We can make Action Back jackets in any of our House Tweeds, Sporting Check, Barleycorn, Firley and 21oz. We make them to order so if you were interested, do give our customer service team an email and they'll make one for you.

  4. Superb! Thank you.

  5. Now, that's the real thing...!!!
    The New Jersey Yankee

  6. Visiting Cordings is a must if in London like we were last month. Evidently in the same location since 1877. The quality of the clothing is incredible. Took advantage of the trouser sale.

    David J Cooper

  7. kevin and howlin in dublin has fantastic Irish tweet jackets. great folks


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