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Saturday, April 16, 2022

Tilley Hats

Photos by Salt Water New England
The quintessential hat for sailors, and a core item for many wardrobes, is the traditional, iconic Tilley hat.  Made in Canada, it provides protection from the sun, including reduce glare.  Rigorously designed and constructed, it is lightweight, comes in a variety of styles (everyone has their favorite, from the Khaki T3 canvas to the tropical weight LTM6), has a stash pocket, and, of course, it floats.  Despite the lifetime guarantee, many sailors keep a few spare around, as the possibility of being without one is just unthinkable.
Only consider Tilleys that are made in Canada.
My husband's Brown University roommate in his:


  1. Bob Dupre' (Jamestown)April 17, 2022 at 2:26 PM

    Nice old wooden boat.

  2. Superb choices as per the usual! I have put mine through the ringer for years, and they always cime through! I always keep an old one in the Land Rover, the MG, and the sail boat, just to be prepared for anything! Thanks much, and a very Happy Easter to all!🐇

  3. I have a pair of 20 year old T3s, one with green under the brim & the other plain white, favored hats for hiking. the brass grommets and snaps are heavily tarnished & have stained the fabric green in a few places. I have told myself that when one of the current hats wears out, i'll replace one with a LTM5 for better air flow and moisture handling. The 'problem' is that it's very hard to wear them out.

    1. It won't be difficult to wear the new one out. They are now made in China to a much lower standard and are really flimsy in comparison. I sent mine back as soon as it arrived.

    2. Not all models are made in China. T3 is still made in Canada. You can check each hat on the Tilley site to verify where it is made.

  4. The company sold. Alex Tilley no longer owns it.


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