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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

First Settlers - You never have just one.

Photos by Salt Water New England
Direct ancestors from Newbury, Massachusetts’ First Settlers, 1635, include: Brown, Cheney, Coffin, Cutting, Davis, Gerrish, Long, Morse, Moulton, Osgood, Pike, Sawyer, and Woodman.


  1. The name Tristram Coffin jumped out at me when I viewed the names. A quite unusual name and also the name of a lesser known actor who worked from the 1930s to the 1960s. No mention of his ancestry in his biography, however.

  2. It jumped out at me too, maybe because Robert P. Tristam Coffin of Harpswell and Brunswick, Maine, is one of my favorite New England poets and no doubt a descendant.

  3. You see almost all these names today, on the North Shore. Including a great friend with the same name as his first settler ancestor.

  4. I see my husbands Daniel Thurston listed. PA

  5. Both my husband's family name and my own family's name is on that First Settlers sign...

  6. When my first ancestors in my line came to Virginia about twenty years later from those on the monument, the name immediately began changing and becoming more anglicized, it having been a German name. Even in my father's generation, not everyone spelled it the same way and only some pronounce it correctly. As far as I know, the only monuments the name appears on are in cemeteries.

    Are the names of the first female settlers on the other side of the monument?


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