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Saturday, July 3, 2021

Happy Fourth of July

Photo by Salt Water New England
One way to connect to historical events is to learn more about one's family members who participated in them. 

A dozen of our direct ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War:
Obadiah Scott
Timothy Brandreth
Abel Corson
Joseph Neal
James Perkins
Samuel Neal
Jeremiah Smith
Abraham Batchelder
Jonathan Locke
Edward Eastman
Daniel Bean
Joel Judkins 


  1. One of my namesakes and descendant through my maternal grandfather, David Williams, was one of the three men who captured Major John Andre with the plans to West Point in 1780. Andre, of course, was given the plans by Benedict Arnold. The three men, Williams, John Paulding and Isaac Van Wart, were the first American soldiers to be decorated with an award, the Fidelity Medallion.

  2. And to you as well! Thanks so very much for all you do for us! Cheers!

  3. How I miss the 4th in New England! Flags abound! Not nearly so many here in the West.
    A Glorious 4th to all!
    Suzanne in Boulder

  4. As I prepare for the Fourth I plan to strike the colors at dawn and lower them at sunset. The sentiments of the day are precious, as are the many and varied traditions. It is the most forgiving holiday, allowing everyone to dress as comfortably as they wish, eat things that on other days might be viewed as junk food, and not worry about gifts, making it home for the family, or much else. People who enjoy clam bakes and whoopie pies will, if stranded in Texas, be just as happy with brisket smoked for fourteen hours over post oak. Pretty cool!

    1. Reminded me of a friend from my Navy days. He’d delayed his enlistment because, “Nobody would ever miss the 4th on Padre Island!”

  5. God bless America and all her veterans!

  6. Hello Muffy and Happy Independence Day. I am still uncovering the details of my Huguenot ancestry but I know the following ancestors fought for independence:

    Brig. Gen. Lewis DuBois
    Philip DuBois Bevier
    Hendricus DuBois
    Lewis DuBois of New Jersey (with Gen. Washington at Valley Forge)


  7. Wonderful! A listing of revolutionary war ancestry in celebration of the holiday! We have Felts, Smiths and Maxons (also spelled Maxson) in our revolutionary war tree. Happy belated 4th!