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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Leather Briefcase

Photos by Salt Water New England

The Triumph by Lotuff, Made in New England

One of Lotuff's latest and most advanced briefcases, the Triumph is a joy to use. Beautifully made, it is structured so it stands up on its own, either empty or full.  The quality of the leather (hand-selected and vegetable-tanned)  is incredibly high, and this bag has impressive grain, even on the inside pieces.  As is appropriate for what can easily serve as an attache case, it's simple outside lines and almost slight presence do not distract when used, but it does reward scrutiny.

Meticulous, refined, and fully leather lined, the Triumph briefcase has countless thoughtful details that make using it a pleasure. 

The unique polished edges and accordion design, all labor intensive elements to include, allow for the case to stand up either empty or full, open or closed. And the asymmetrical zippered-top pouch design, with the handles that fall out of the way, affords easy access, even when walking (especially when used with shoulder strap, included but not shown).

The case is bigger on the inside than the out, thanks to its triple gussets' ability to expand significantly.  The two large interior pockets (which provide more protection to their contents than pockets on the exterior) add additional structural integrity, resulting in a surprisingly solid feel. 

Shown Here in Lotuff's Rich Chocolate 

Lotuff is a sponsor of Salt Water New England.


  1. Lovely! I have my eye on their mini sling backpack .

  2. I have had my eye on this Triumph for some time, but can hardly justify the purchase this late in my career, with retirement soon to come. It is exquisite, my only preference would be for a larger, more robust zipper similar to the one on my Filson classic briefcase, which is also excellent for a non-leather unit. I do wonder, however, about the nature of the upgrades in the Triumph II, which is more than double the price. The Triumph seems fully satisfactory and a good value even at its price, the other model is a true luxury purchase I would have a hard time justifying. But both these Lotuff briefcases are far superior to some prestige brands, even some of the best Italian-made pieces.

    1. My dear, you can use a briefcase your whole life. It's not just for work.

  3. My wife bought me a lotuff briefcase a couple of years ago, a different one than the above model. It has been terrific. Classic look but very useful for someone who still hauls their computer and work items back and forth from the office. Really like it. PCC

  4. Ingenious design. Looks nice now. I have a Frank Clegg which wears like iron and sheds water spots but which has relaxed after a few years under my load. I wonder what this sleek Triumph will look like in a few years?

  5. !Ooo-lahlah, classic goodness all the way!

  6. Goes nicely with the new ride no less...
    mmm, bet the zippuh is like buttah!

  7. Gorgeous, luxurious, supple, and local. Love it. --Holly in PA


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