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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Dubarry Galways

Photos by Salt Water New England

Dubarry of Ireland

Dubarry footwear has earned trust and loyalty from so many by combining surprising comfort, good looks, high quality construction, and suitability for a wide range of terrains.

From the comment section:
 Dubarry['s]... offerings are pricey but extremely well-made of superior materials with classic style. - Greenfield 
Their boots and boat shoes are expensive but have been well worth the money. - sara 
My Dubarrys were heaven right out of the box.  - Patsy 

The Galway

These tall, comfortable leather boots are the original Dubarry boot.
Also available in Extrafit and Slimfit
From the comment section:
This boot is functional when it comes to keeping your feet and calves warm in the snow, riding in the covered arena when your half chaps aren't cutting it, mucking stalls or fetching the ponies from the pasture. - Whitney
 I recently purchased a pair of Dubarry boots, while expensive for a pair of boots for cleaning out stalls and walking in the field, the quality is awesome and are incredibly comfortable! - Annonymous 
I am a huge fan of DuBarry boots. My personal favorite are the knee-high Galways. - Anonymous  
Composite PU/Rubber sole (for excellent traction) is injection molded to upper for a proper seal.  

GORE-TEX Lined - Waterproof and Breathable

Hand crafted in Portugal of Mirapel impregnated, all leather (from English cowhides) outer and upper.  Dubarry makes the Galways for Men as well as Women.