Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Which Barbour Should I Get?

Barbour Waxed Jackets, All Size 36 - All Made in England 

Question from an earlier post <http://www.saltwaternewengland.com/2017/01/dubarry-barbour.html>:  

Which coat would you recommend Muffy? I'm a woman but I'd like a traditional "country fit", not a "fashion fit". Will be used for walking - in the country... Hate to have to say that feel I have to clarify that it's for function not fashion.

The Bedale, Beaufort or Border (all unisex) qualify for the "country fit".

Trying them on is always best if you can, and think about what you might be wearing underneath them.
  • While if a Beaufort in a 36 fits perfectly over just a shirt, a 38 or 40 may be better over a thicker sweater or jumper.  I have Beauforts in four different sizes, 36, 38, 40 and a 42.  All get worn but just in different circumstances.  
  • Be aware that the garment chest measurements differ slightly.  At size 36, the Beaufort has a tighter chest measurement of 43.5", while Bedale and Border of 45".
The shorter Bedale is more forgiving around the hips, not only because of the cut but because of the snap studded gusseted side vents (made to go over the back of a saddle), which can be left unsnapped, a helpful quality in a unisex item.  The Bedale also has the knit cuffs at the wrist, great for staying warm, but not as great if you are wearing a sweater or jumper with thick cuffs.

 The Beaufort is a longer but more narrowly cut jacket designed for shooting, The Beaufort has the zippered poacher's pocket in the back and with the extra length, offers a bit more coverage, and has open cuffs, with nylon inner cuffs.

The Border provides the most protection, but is also the heaviest as it has more material.  It shares the open cuff feature of the Beaufort, but its two removable game pockets are on the inside.


  1. The game pocket in the back of the Beaufort is very handy for tucking away a book, newspaper, or small package to keep it dry while walking home in the rain.

  2. My unsolicited 2 cents would be the middle coat, Beaufort, which is the middle of the road. Your butt is covered (for that run cold blooded), the middle is more "usable" for more seasons.

  3. The Bedale is very popular among women, but I would prefer the Beaufort or the Border. But I am a man and I'm not sure if my advice is very helpful in this particular case.

  4. Muffy, this is a great help - thank you, (and precisely why I love your blog - so comprehensive).

    The photographs are especially useful. The Beaufort may just be the fit I am looking for. The slightly longer length covering the bottom is appealing, I run cold blooded too and find my lower back aches if I'm not sufficiently wrapped up. The Border looks great but probably for spectator sports - not so useful for climbing over stiles.

    Sincerest thanks!


    1. Whichever one you buy, you will not be disappointed. I grab mine for just about everything but church. cheers!

  5. I've had the Beaufort for many years and it's my go-to jacket on the peg rack. In fact, I returned it to Barbour over the summer for a waxing and it's as good as new! I love the way I can wear bulky sweaters underneath or opt for the zip in Betty liner and attach a hood, if necessary. Such a versatile water repellant jacket!

  6. I replaced my 20 some year old L.L. Bean Field Jacket with a Beaufort (green), I like it very much. Thank you for your recommendations

  7. I have a Beadnell, which is the women's version of the men's Bedale. It walks the same in the city and the country ;)

  8. I have somehow missed seeing the 'Border' up to this point--but I kinda think that I like it. Can it take the same zip-in liner that I can attach to my Beaufort?

  9. I too am in the market-your descriptions of fit are great. Now which do I want- navy or green!

  10. I have the Beaufort and have found it a very worthy jacket. I do not hunt but use the hunt pouch for my bird books and glasses and some lunch. It's a fantastic jacket and lasts forever! Jane Keller