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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Who Makes the Best Classic Oxford Shirts, Men's and Women's?

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Two Oxford Cloth Button Down Shirt Questions:

For Men's:  "Who makes the best oxford shirts for men?  I am looking for a workhorse, every day kind of  shirt that isn't slim fitted and isn't non-iron.  Is it Brooks Brothers?   Is the Lands' End Hyde Park still any good?  Am I missing something else?"

Suggestions from the community:

For Women's:  "I'm looking to replace some of my white Oxford shirts -- mostly really old LL Bean and Lands End -- but I can't find untreated, 100% cotton ones anywhere. I've found some small, independent manufacturers of men's shirts that sell these classics, but they don't make women's sizes. Do you have any suggestions? Many thanks for your help."

Suggestions from the community: