Wednesday, March 22, 2017

1982 - Calvin Klein Jeans and Jacques Cohen Espadrilles

Original Photograph from Archives

Peal & Co. Riding Boots

Keeping the experiment on the way it should go...

Henry Beston's Northern Farm (Chimney Farm), Nobleboro, Maine - Original 1978 Photograph from Archives 
This Henry Beston quote from 1948 may feel especially familiar to those who remember the "socially liberal, fiscally conservative" New England Republican of decades back:
There is only one test of any political scheme or adventure in government. It is the quality of the human being produced by the political order and by the way of life occasioned by that order. Such materialistic arithmetic as the amount of electric power sold, the number of motor cars produced, and the immense potential of this and that means nothing whatever. A truce to these materialistic puffings of a materialistic heaven as vulgar, tedious, and empty in its conception as anything ever held up to the inquiring spirit of man. 
But the human being? There you are. Is that human being a conscious member of a community and willing to do his best by it, has he honesty and courage, the reasonable public good manners which keep the experiment on the way it should go, has he a proper sense of the human decencies and is he seized upon now and then by his birthright of natural gaiety; has the man his quality of manhood and decision and the woman her immense and mystical power?
 "Man the measure of all things." A good adage once the limits of its application are understood. 
- Henry Beston Sheahan, Harvard Class of ’09; <>, Northern Farm <>

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Guardian: Inspector Morse Creator Colin Dexter Dead at 86

Screenshots taken from Inspector Morse Episode "Last Bus to Woodstock", Season 2, Episode 4. Screenshot is the copyright of ITV Studios.
According to The Guardian, Colin Dexter has died at the age of 86:
Dexter was the author of the Inspector Morse mysteries, and made frequent cameo appearances in both Morse and Lewis episodes, such as behind Morse in this screenshot above.

Monday, March 20, 2017

The (Now) Old XC70 Volvo Wagons

2004 XC70

2013 XC70

Reader Question for the Community: Where should first-time visitors to New England go?

Original Photographs from Archives

Reader Question for the Community:
We have friends visiting New England this summer, and they have asked where they should go.  They will have a car and a bit of time.  We are hesitant to recommend Nantucket and the Vineyard as they are too contrived on-season these days.  I hoped your readers would have some suggestions to add to our own, which admittedly, are limited.

What are the best summer travel spots in New England?

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sunday Afternoon


Original Photograph from Archives

Friday, March 17, 2017

Question for the Community: Men in Pink?

(Shown) Mercer & Sons <>:

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Great Grandmother, Circa 1897

Great Grandmother with Sister - Original Photograph from Archives

Reader Question for the Community: Umbrellas

Original Photograph from Archives
Reader Question for the Community:
I am searching for a good quality umbrella. I walk two blocks to work and need something sturdy enough to hold up to Alabama's spring thunderstorms. I am currently interested in a Fox telescopic umbrella available at Ben Silver <,30292.html#.WMU6DPnyuUk>. Before I make the investment, I want to know if there is anything just as good if not better. I trust your readers to give me an honest opinion of what works for them. 
Thanks so much for any assistance.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Guernsey Jumper Arrival

Hand Stitching of the Traditional Guernsey Knitwear by Le Tricoteur
The authentic Guernsey Jumper is comfortable to wear, exceptional at blocking wind, and will last for decades.   Real Guernseys are only made on the English Channel Island of Guernsey.

From the Le Tricoteur site <>:
The pieces of each Traditional Guernsey are machine knitted on 6 gauge flat bed knitting machines using English Worsted Wool. These pieces then go out to our Hand Knitters who work in their own homes, these ladies knit the raised shoulder seam which runs across the top of the shoulders and joins the two body pieces together, they then knit the neck around and up finishing up with a cast off stitch,effectively making the 2 body pieces and the neck one knitted piece of fabric with no seam.

A Gurgling Cod (Gluggle Jug)

It is not Spring until...

“It is a firmly established rule that it is not Spring until the Red Sox home opener.  Removing the driveway snow markers before then is a flagrant violation and almost guarantees more snow.”  
- Paraphrased from PK, New Hampshire

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Portland Press Herald: ‘One Morning in Maine’ Island Donated to Nature Conservancy

The Portland Press Herald reported that the McCloskey family has donated the 6.2-acre Outer Scott Island in Penobscot Bay, off Deer Isle, to The Nature Conservancy.
The island was the summer home of Robert McCloskey, author of children's books including Make Way for Ducklings, Blueberries for Sal, and One Morning in Maine, the latter showing scenes of the island.

Tim Sample interviewed Robert McCloskey on the island for a favorite segment of his series for CBS' Sunday Morning, Postcards from Maine.  The saved video cassette, shown above, has proven nearly impossible to currently track down.

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