Thursday, May 25, 2017

Essential Garden Tools

When asked about essential garden tools and the best places to get them, readers have suggested the following:
I may be frugal in a lot of ways, but I have learned that you have to invest in a good pair of loppers and shears. (Bob NOLA)
Felco pruning shears (they even have a left-handed version!). I bought mine at Amazon but that's because I live in rural NC and nobody around had them. I get my heirloom seeds a good hardware or garden store (there are 2 in the town where I work). I still have some garden tools from my husband's grandfather (including a lovely hoe, which I admit I use more to poke a bonfire than I use in my raised bed vegetable gardens). Ergonomic trowel (from a box store) probably one of my favorites but sadly it doesn't last very long. If I could find the new design in high quality construction, I'd be thrilled! (Hoya)
A good pair of gloves with a nice gauntlet is helpful. Saves arm and hand scratches. good pruning shears are a must. (mary anne)
My favorite tools are my Felco 2 pruners, a Smith Hawken telescoping ratchet lopper, and a circle hoe.  (Joyce North)
I ran a small field-grown, perennial nursery from our home during the years 2002-2010. My customers were always asking for recommendations of tools and such. My list is surprisingly small and affordable.
  • Felco Bypass Pruners
  • Felco Bypass Loppers
  • Small “nippers” for delicate trimming.
  • Kitchen string
  • Auger attachment for cordless drill which is perfect for mass planting of bulbs.
  • Deluxe soil knife w/serrated edge, replaces my late father’s hunting knives. Can be found at;
  • Atlas Gloves, the best overall gloves out there. They are machine washable and inexpensive.
  • Heavy duty, leather work gloves for all seasons and available in women’s sizes. Can be found at;
  • Muck shoes, high & low
  • Hoe, edger, and pointed shovel, inherited.
  • Hula Hoe, perfect to maintain inside edging.
  • Spear & Jackson Spade from England. This was my splurge, and well worth it.
  • Good, sturdy wheelbarrow  (Laurie Ann)  

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Question for the Community: Snacks?

Sugar Snap Peas
Two Questions for the Community:
  • What would your perfect afternoon snack be?
  • What is your most common afternoon snack?

Monday, May 22, 2017

Life on the Connecticut Shore: Summer Saturdays, Early 1960's

Original Photographs from Archives
Some friendly sailing competitions...

Red Number Sail Bag from York River Traders- Made in the U.S.A.

York River Traders sent this terrific sail bag, made in North Carolina of reclaimed yacht sails by Ella Vickers, with YRT's signature flat rope handles.  A nicely finished, sturdily made bag, its handles are a good length to be used either as a handbag (as shown here) or tote.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Harbor Deli

Friendship, Maine - All Original Photographs from Archives
Recent inquiries:
Several years ago you ran a very good article entitled The Harbor Deli. I would enjoy reading it again.  My question is: Where can one find a great deli in Maine?  I like the Deli in the Hope General Store and The Market Basket in Rockport.
To SWNE, ...I wonder if people could share their favorite port-side places to get a sandwich...

At any harbor deli, one can feel almost immediately at home. They are their own genre, familiar in their patterns and menus.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Maine Coon

Urban Firefighters, C. 1960

Original Photograph from Archives

Boat Prep

Sheepscot Church

Wet Dog

Friday, May 19, 2017

Around Chester, Connecticut and the Hadlyme Ferry

Combining a current art culture with a traditional setting, at both personal and municipal scales, has a mixed record.  Chester, down the river from the Goodspeed Opera House, however (as with Wellesley, Camden, and the dearly missed apartments above Carnegie Hall) does it as seamlessly as anywhere.

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Around Newport Harbor in May

The success of any trip to Newport is primarily a function of how much time one can spend on the water and how little one can spend on land.

Rolling Home

Departing Great Bridge, Virginia towards Chesapeake Bay

Reader Question for the Community: Father's Day Presents

SWNE received this question for the community:
I know it is a bit early for this question, especially just coming off of Mother's Day, but I was curious if the community could share their favorite Father's Days gifts.  What did people give last or receive last year, or what are they planning to give this year?   I am not the most imaginative person and always struggle with trying to come up with something a bit different.

Monday, May 15, 2017

On Silent Wings of Canvas

...[T]he truth is that the sailor's Maine, the "real Maine," is right there out of Portland Harbor where Casco Bay begins. 
Maine is a sailing paradise, and the roughly 240 square miles of Casco Bay, dotted with its 365 islands, is a sampler of its joys. The cool air is so clean that a city dweller's lungs want to burst with the marvel of it; the water is so clear you can see the lobsters scurry over the bottom; the winds rise on most days to take you on silent wings of canvas to new delights. 
- Walter Cronkite, North by Northeast <>

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Yale Reunion, Class of 1897

Original Photograph from Archives