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Sunday, July 7, 2024

Steele's Steeletex Beach Tote Now in a ZipTop, Made in Massachusetts

Lime Green Open Top Tote, Light Blue Zip-Top Tote, and a Lime Green Carryall Pouch.  Photos by Muffy Aldrich

Steele, or specifically Steele Canvas Basket Corp, is a terrific company.  They've been in business for over a hundred years and everything they offer is still made in Massachusetts.  And they make them well, sturdy and practical and sometimes,  as with their Steeletex Beach Totes, brilliantly!  

Their water-resistant and tear-resistant vinyl totes in brilliant colors are ideal for the beach (among other things)  and now,  in addition to the open-top options, they have zip-top options.

These totes are big with an inside pocket, and the handles fit comfortably over the shoulder.


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  1. I inherited an old Steele tote, likely from the "60s, and never knew who the maker was until a previous post here prompted me to look it over more closely. I found the faded name. Very heavy duty and still use it today. Thank you!

  2. I really love their totes. Their 'Garden Tote' and "Utility Totes" are excellent. I'll have to pick up a few of these totes, especially the lime green; they have great colour choices.

  3. The sunglasses w blue lenses.... Ray Ban?

  4. A most superb product! They just keep going! Cheers!

  5. Is this brand considered to be of better quality than the iconic LL Bean tote?


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