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Sunday, June 16, 2024

The Walker Sweaters from Cordings, Made in Scotland

Photos by Salt Water New England
Navy crewneck and V-neck sweaters are staples of my wardrobe.  But this Cordings classic take stands out for a few reasons. The weave is tighter, giving it a trimmer and more professional look. (Most of my crewnecks are a bit more casual.)  They use 10% cashmere.  And the ribs around the neck and wrists and waist make it look nicely finished and, paired with a white polo, just a bit sporty. They are made in Hawick, Scotland.

We took these lovely sweaters out today and they performed beautifully in the cool breezes off of the Atlantic.  Comfortable, warm, and not bulky, they fill a useful slot in a sweater wardrobe. 

These run a bit small/short, so use the measurements provided rather than relying on your usual size.  This also makes it a bit easier for them to be unisex items, and also to be worn under jackets.  




  1. Fabulous pictures of old cars, adorable dogs and my favorite-- Monhegan Island as seen from Pemaquid Point. Maybe you should take a trip to Monhegan and take some of your fabulous pictures there. something to mull over for a lovely summer day.

    1. Seconding the photo shoot on Monhegan!

  2. Delightful images. Thank you.

  3. What a wonderful way to start the day! Thank you Muffy, so very much, for all you do for all of us! Cheers!


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