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Monday, March 25, 2024

Freeport Watch: Sea Bags

Photos by Salt Water New England
Sea Bags have exploded in popularity recently, with stores in Portland, Kennebunkport, Boothbay Harbor, Camden, Rockland, Bar Harbor;  the North Shore and South Shore of Boston, the Cape, the Vineyard; Watch Hill, Newport; Florida; California; the mid-Atlantic; Burlington, Vermont for sailing on Lake Champlain; and along the Great Lakes in Michigan.  But they are still all cut, assembled, and hand-stitched in Maine.

While there are a great number of new designs they have added, I prefer their original approach  – what is now called "vintage" – which are bags made from recycled sails.  (Bring in your old sails, where they'll be weighed and you'll be paid.  And you'll get a bag made out of your sails.)

They're solidly made and have natural colored hand-spliced rope handles which wrap around the entire bag for durability.  The Freeport, Maine store, shown here, is a pleasure to visit and the people exceptionally nice.



  1. A most excellent product! We have our vintage tote, we bought the first day they opened, and it is still going strong!

  2. I have an embarrassing number of Sea Bags. Most recently, we turned in an old (very) heavy main and got 4(!) bags in trade. I have a gorgeous custom octopus bag that the artist had screened onto the Sea Bag. The "tool" bags are perfect for car travel.

    1. Right. We had the same experience here with donating sails and then selecting some in trade per their offers. They don't pay for sails and the vintage rope handle and tool bags are great. They've made several for us along the way in trade with our YC burgees sewn onto them.

  3. I'm a fan of Wm J. Mills bags. Also made from sail cloth out on the North Shore of Long Island.

  4. Hmmm…not a fan of the rope handles. I have several totes and coolers, and even a great hanging wardrobe bag, from several companies, most notably Sailor Bags.
    Check them out at:

  5. Hi Muffy I saw the keychains and I am obsessed !!!! Now I have 20 so far.


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