Photo by Muffy Aldrich
The Modern Guide to The Thing Before Preppy

Sunday, February 25, 2024


Photos by Salt Water New England



  1. Beautiful and peaceful. Love your outfit too, a little bit of tropical in the winter. 😉

  2. Sheer perfection! Thank you, so very much!

  3. Such beautiful photographs. I hate to tell you that I waste oodles of time trying to figure out where they are taken. I think I finally figured out where that sugar sand beach is, but those houses are a mystery. They are just are just stunning. I thought maybe one was the Kavanaugh Mansion in Damariscotta Mills, but I'm wrong again. It just amazes me that Maine has such handsome architecture in out of the way places. Those country carpenters of yesteryear were a talented bunch.

  4. Several of the houses are on or near Harrington Road off Route 130 in Bristol.


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